Frequently Asked Questions

How many flats does the development include?

Plans propose 308 studio, one and two bed apartments over three buildings.

How high will the buildings be?

Building 1 steps up from west to east from six floors to eight. The second, building 2, steps up from west to east from seven to ten floors. Building 3, positioned between building 2 and the multi-deck station car park, incorporates the replacement station ticket office and facilities. It steps down from west to east from ten floors to eight. Parts of the higher floors are set back from the frontage, reducing the perception of height.

Will there be sufficient car parking?

Plans propose ground floor residential parking within the three main buildings and a 123 space multi-deck car park - this equates to around 0.4 spaces per property.It is common to include fewer parking spaces in town centre locations due to limitedspace, better local amenities and easily accessible public transport. A car club for residents and others in the town centre could also be considered.

Will the development affect the outlook for nearby Southgate properties?

The proposed development is of high quality with attractive architecture, some balconies and landscaping. We (the developer) feel the impact will be limited. The apartments are curved and split into 3 blocks to reduce the perceived mass of the building.

Won’t so many occupied apartments create more noise and lighting than an under-occupied office block?

This is a busy part of town in terms transport and nightlife so the area can already be loud and bright at times. We (the developers) believe the apartments will have minimal impact on current noise and lighting levels and will also be well insulated against external noise. Any serious nuisance issues would be addressedby management within the building and council environmental health officers, if necessary.

What impact do you think this level of housing will have on the roads and local facilities like schools, doctors and dentists?

The level of parking proposed will limit the impact on the highways and an improved highway layout and management will ease this further. Given the location, the apartments are designed with mainly individuals and couples in mind and we would not expect to see much uptake from families. Again this would ease any pressure on local facilities. We would also be financially contributing to open spaces and school placesetc as part of any agreement to redevelop the site.

What’s happening to the station?

Proposals include the construction of a new, quality station building which again will bring big improvements to the area as a whole. During construction a temporary station building will be in use which will be located in the car park further west on Station Way, close to the end of the platforms,and should be needed for around 18 months.

7a. Will I be able to park at the temporary station?

Yes – temporary parking will form part of the temporary location.

7b. Will I be able to pick up and drop off at the temporary station?

Yes – temporary pick-up and drop-off will form part of the temporary location.

Will there be disabled access to the new station and also to the other side of the tracks?

There will be disabled access into the new station and between the platforms via lifts. The existing second footbridge that provides access over the railway line to East Park requires replacement and there is not enough space here to include disabled access.

What happens to the taxi rank?

A taxi rank will be incorporated into the new Station Plaza area, outside the station.

Will work cause disruption to train travel?

We (The developer)would work very closely with Network Rail to limit any disruption. We feel most of the work shouldbe carried out without causing disruption, although certain elements such as new footbridges could have an impact; this would be handled very carefullyby Network Rail to keep any disruption to a minimum.

What’s happening to the bus station and what will that mean for bus travel?

The new development doesn’t directly affect the bus station, but we are using the opportunity to propose a new and improved bus station along with a more attractive and safer road layout and landscaping. Any disruption to bus services will be limited as far as possible.

What’s happening to the roads outside the proposed development?

Plans propose reducing the lanes from four to three, narrowing the width to 3.2m, reducing the speed limit to 20mph,which will help cyclists, and softening the landscape includingsome planting along the central reservation. These plans aim to discourage the dominance of the car and create a safer, greener and cleaner environment for everyone to enjoy.

Will the development include affordable housing?

The viability of the scheme is marginal. This will be independently assessed, but it is very unlikely the scheme will be able to support affordable housing

When is the development going to take place? Will it all happen at once?

We (the developer) hope to submit our planning application in early spring. If we gain planning approval we hope to start on site as soon as possible.The scheme will be phased with the new station and multi-deck station car park being built first, once the temporary station is in place and Overline House is demolished.

Why do we need more flats in Crawley?

Crawley needs more than 10,000 new properties but there are only enough sites for around 5,000 at the moment. Development in the town centre is an important way to provide homes for residents in the future. High density development in the form of flats is the most appropriate in the town centre and smaller units meet local housing needs.

What does Crawley’s Local Plan say about the Station Site

The new Crawley Borough Local Plan 2015 policies advise that the site is allocated as a Key Opportunity Site within the Town Centre, identified to provide for residential and/or town centre uses and also to support the role of Crawley Station as a major gateway to the Town Centre and to improve its integration with the main shopping area and bus station.